Fight of the Century is Happening! Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather!

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  • [ – ] skullfink reply Mayweather. 1st round.
  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply I give it to Mayweather too (since they are gonna be boxing) either way getting paid that much they both are winners. It's gonna be very entertaining can't wait.
    • [ – ] LloydandJD parent reply I agree Floyd has a huge advantage in the ring as a boxer. Sadly I don't think Conner will last that long at all! Thanks for watching and your prediction!
      • [ – ] AmandaFood parent reply If Conor wins I'm coming back here and just freak out, just preparing you now.
        • [ – ] LloydandJD parent reply I think a lot of people are hoping Conor wins, mainly because of Mayweather's attitude towards the whole thing from the start back in 2015. You will be among a lot of people that will be freaking out...including
          • [ – ] Classified_Chappy parent reply It's going to be a crazy fight no doubt that I can't wait to find any stream of the fight for free, and experience this interesting fight. If Floyd loses, then that right there is history of the making right there that the crying jordan will be astonished filled with memes haha.
            • [ – ] LloydandJD parent reply Meme's will be the least of Floyd's worries if he
              • [ – ] Classified_Chappy parent reply True lol, but I've bet the haters of Floyd will turned out to be ecstatic that whoever loses, it's going to be a huge W for mostly everyone who watches the fight. Lol.
                • LloydandJD parent reply I am sure Conor will have more support. All those from MMA and those in boxing who be upset with Floyd for taking this fight!
  • [ – ] Boxing_TV reply Mayweather is going to win. Though imo this fight is overhyped and will be completely boring
  • [ – ] CANADIAN_CONTAMINATION reply conor mcwigger should be crushed.
    • LloydandJD parent reply I don't think he stands much of a chance in the fight, especially after there boxing training video has emerged.
  • [ – ] ZeroBudgetProductions reply Connor doesn't stand a chance it's a boxing match don't waste your money
  • [ – ] temporalmix reply It's gonna be awesome.
  • [ – ] replay3 reply If anyone still thinks that Mayweather....(he could be his god damn father)... will win you are naive....just my opinion...don't wanna offend you...
    • [ – ] LloydandJD parent reply No offence taken. Floyd is 40, Conor is 28. Both professional athletes, age will not be a factor here. Maybe if he was fighting Mayweather Sr. it would be, but he is fighting whether you like him or not (and to be honest I am not a fan), one of the best boxers of all time.
      • [ – ] replay3 parent reply I am happy you really understood my point of view. They both have the arrogance that show business kinda requires (even if it is a character they put on more or less) solely looking at their fighting STATUS (not history or anything) I think this fight will be somewhat tight and calculated...and last...since I am entitled to my own opinion - YES - I think or maybe "wish" that Connor would wean just to see the reaction of the whole boxing industry :) THAT WOULD BE FUN :)
        • LloydandJD parent reply That is the interesting thing. Whomever win will win a big victory for their respective sport. If Mayweather can go in their and make Conor look like a chump and put him away easily it will hurt the UFC in a big way. Conor has been hold up the UFC for some time now. If Conor can put away Mayweather he shows the versatility of a MMA champ like himself and legitimizes the sport. But lets be honest even within the UFC Conor is not the best boxer by any stretch. I mean look at the footage of Conor sparring with Chris van Heerden.
  • [ – ] AxxL_Afriku reply I want John Cena vs Conor McGregor
  • [ – ] chameleon reply I think around 6/7 stoppage. Mayweather will win this very easily.
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