Re Onision's Selective Public Sympathy Video

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  • Aaronshy reply I don't rely on a youtuber like Onision to control my emotions. I'm me. Plain and simple. I hate the idea of people trying to change me in any way.
  • DGTLONE reply Very tragic day indeed . I hope your day gets brighter Peace DGTLONE
  • Westley_Nash reply I really needed to hear this message today 👍 I have had a very similar experience with someone I follow. They have a very "opinionated" philosophy on life & are forever forcing it upon people per standard. So anyway, they have decided to capitalise on this situation in Manchester as another golden opportunity to push that philosophy on emotional people all over their social media. But it's like whenever you raise it you are just accused of being cynical yourself by that person. I think you explained your side of this absolutely brilliantly 😎 It's always the same, where everyday people feel moved to do something to try & help but just get their efforts labelled by self superior people like that of being worthless. Well said 👍
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