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  • [ – ] JadeJicama reply For the record, those time stamp links don't link into the video, they appear to link back to vidme's front page. Also for the record: I think there was a body hanging from that last mind control helmet when you got there... and the game is meant to be wide open for interpretation.
    • [ – ] Octotiggy parent reply Ahh, I didn't make those # links-- Vidme automatically decided they were hashtags for searching, so I'll remove them. The last mind control helmet-- you mean in the secret vault for the alternate ending? I think it's meant to be a bunch of tubes connected from the helmet to the computer, though it's a bit fuzzy in the background so I could be wrong. And yep-- I like that the game is open to interpretation. The first time we played through the alternate ending, we had our screen turned down a lot darker than I realized, so it just gave us a "what the hell?" reaction. When we turned the brightness up and played it again, we could see what happened to the boy and it was a bit more like "ohhhhh". I love the tone of this game! Really eerie and the lack of direct explanation totally plays into that. If they had explained too much of the story, it wouldn't have had anywhere near the same impact.
      • JadeJicama parent reply I've never actually played the game myself, just watched others play through, and read the TVTropes page, for filling myself in a bit... and, I guess the general consensus is that was a body hanging from that particular helmet... *shrug*
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