⚜ EMPRESS TREE - Paulownia Tomentosa ⚜ Fastest growing tree in the world!!

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  • opaxel1967 reply Never to old to learn something ... nice tree , nice video ,thanks
  • Bingus reply I want one!
  • Tillychan reply Wow, what a beautiful tree.
  • [ – ] Roolooth reply It's a new one to me, I'm not sure if we have them over here in the UK. Though you intend to cut it down every few years will the root system do damage to the foundations of your house seeing as it's so very close? A fast growing tree might well have fast growing roots.
    • HEIRLOOMREVIEWS parent reply well i dont plan on cutting it down unless the township makes me but funny you ask the question on the roots a lot of people asked me that. you cut cut this tree down to the ground an it will be as big as you see in the video in about 2 yrs or so!! but im hoping the roots are NOT a problem!
  • TheAttempters reply yup sure is a tree, these leaves are huge though :P
  • perduta reply can they survive freezing temperatures in the winter?
  • HEIRLOOMREVIEWS reply welcome to heirloom reviews vidme channel !! : )
  • [ – ] BobElschlager reply Didn't realize how big the leafs were!!!! until you compared it to your hand. Invasive. Fastest growing. Hmm, what a strange tree. Tiny bit scary.
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