TV Trash: 214 - Teen Titans Go

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  • Scsigs reply Actually, Rowdy, Teen Titans wasn't supposed to be a part of the DCAU. It was just written & showrun by a lot of the same people & broadcasted at the same time. It WAS probably supposed to be at one point, since an episode of Static Shock, which IS part of the DCAU had Batman specifically say that Robin was with the Titans when Static asked him, because they'd had a previous team up where Robin was still with Batman as his sidekick. I think I read that the people behind the show set it in its own universe to free it of continuity stuff that would arise. So, it's basically a standalone series that could've been in continuity with the DCAU, but wasn't.
  • launchpad25 reply Excellent video! You make a good point about how a lot of us critics of entertainment these days might come off as no different than those 'moral guardians' who want to 'protect the children' when in reality, we just want kids to watch something better than mindless, pandering schlock even if those who 'defend' it claim that 'it's just for kids'. I've been know for criticizing Disney Channel for having their schedule filled with shows aimed at young girls, and hardly anything that would interest me, and I still stand by that, but after watching your review of 'Teen Titans Go', it's VERY clear that the show's creators have ALOT of contempt for it's criticism. At least the Disney Channel shows weren't THIS blatant. From where I sit, I totally side with the notion that we're fighting for our kids to have better things to watch because I don't want to be compared to those on the other extreme. I also agree that there's no middle ground with shows these days. These shows, and the networks ...morethey air on would rather be lazy, than actually do good work. It's either one extreme, or the other, and if you're someone like me, when wants something with balance, and more substance, well you're pretty much screwed. Bottom line is, there's not enough 'balance'. If Disney Channel, Nick, or Cartoon Network better programing that was more balanced, and a schedule with more variety, I wouldn't be complaining about them as much.
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