Anthony Weiner Pleads Guilty?

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  • DarcPrynce reply Weiner - the name pretty much says it all. ;o)
  • userXVI reply I think the left threw him under the bus, considering Trump openly repeating stated his intentions to toss Hillary's in jail. Its very clear, the Jew owned Media is screaming bloody murder about Russia, tossing Pedogate on every single back forum, the Jews are in desperate damage control right now. Think about it, Iraq WMD's (bush is up many shekles). Iran... the Jews wanted Iran but Russia came along. Lybya, oil rich and in close proximity to Jews who are Ironically extremly greedy. Syria, its now 100% crystal clear who is in control of ISIS, Youn guessed it, Jews paying private mercenaries to fight in the middle of a desert for no reason. Then we have Europe, There is no logical reason to toss a completly different culture and religion into the Cristian lands of Europe, Unless a foreighn entity is either trying to gain control or hold onto control. I strongly support cutting all support to Israel, assist in the collapse of this government, let the muslims do what israel did to us...more in Europe and then rebuild this completly new Cuck culture. Do on to them as they did to us, There is no going back now. Boycott Jews in every single way You all can.
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