Ashes of Creation - Is it worth the hype?

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  • DwarvenGamesmith reply Oh and I think they have been in development for about a year and a half
  • DwarvenGamesmith reply So I just wanted to fill in a little info. Funding was hit in 11 hours. Development funding for the game was secured will before the Kickstarter. Kickstarter was more to allow the community to get involved and to expand what could be released at launch. Assisi the December 2018 us the projected Beta release with alpha access at the end of this year. Full release has been projected by the team as by 2020. Also they are publishing it themselves so there are no money men in the background to try and change the subscription model down the line. Good video man. Come join us on the forum. If you sign up please use my link. You can take off my Ref at the end of you are against that but I would appreciate it.
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