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  • [ – ] JimmyDeanRodeo reply I love your editing I'm not that great with my editing but not terrible hahaha! But you're editing is amazing! By the way Love the Konaha headband :) fit's in perfectly with sword with sauce
    • [ – ] iAmLauRawr parent reply Haha Thank you :) I just mess around on Sony Vegas a lot and try to recreate effects I see a few youtubers do. Thanks for checking out the video!
      • [ – ] JimmyDeanRodeo parent reply I use filmora which is a cheap editing software but maybe I should just get sony vegas because it's a better looking program. Maybe after getting a good pc because my laptop is crap sometimes
        • iAmLauRawr parent reply Definitely, A self built PC is a lot cheaper and it renders videos a lot more quickly than my old laptop. It takes me 15-20 minutes depending how dense the editing it and the length of the video to render. Before it used to take HOURS.
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