THE CATALYST | Outlast: Whistleblower | Part 1

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  • [ – ] rebeledgeentertainment reply I still have yet to play the first one despite owning it for Xbox One.
    • [ – ] Oscarman parent reply I would really recommend playing it for yourself before Outlast 2 comes out this month. Thanks for the up vote and comment. I don't get to interact much with viewers, so thank you.
      • [ – ] rebeledgeentertainment parent reply I have the bundle for PS4 pre-ordered with Outlast 2 included just waiting for that. No problem with the upvote. I enjoy commenting good way to interact with people.
        • [ – ] Oscarman parent reply Well thanks all the same. I am going to be playing Outlast 2 on my channel but have not ordered it yet as there was come issues with it getting banned and i'm not sure if it has been fully resolved yet. Not long to wait now. 25th of this month can not get here soon enough.
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