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  • shortar15 reply I think you missed the mark with GTO As the ex-leader of one of the meanest biker gangs in his province he started with two dreams to sleep with hot young girls "never happened as he was a virgin" and to be the Greatest teacher ever. It quickly changes from his skirt chasing ways to reform the "bad kids" by the school giving him the worst class not just the worst but the class that drove teachers crazy or made them quit teaching or both. He turns out in the end being just what the school as well as his students needed I have always hoped for them to make a "new" go at GTO. Over all I have to give it good marks I think the label hentai should not be on it but for the era of those shows it may have been needed because the humor and such was not made for younger kids over all it stands the test of time for it's good stories. I still do not think it was made for young kids more teenage and older fans. I say any one wanting to know watch the first few episodes I think it's worth a shot if y...moreou like the school theme stuff or the bad guy who turns into a good guy thing with some rude crude humor tossed in.
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