Paint It Black Karaoke Cover

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  • [ – ] Rendar reply You sound really good in this song bro. Sometimes your voices doesn't work with some of the songs you do but people have to admit it when you sound good you sound good and this time you sound good.
    • [ – ] VonHelton parent reply Sympathy for the Devil as well. I also thought I did good with Perfect Strangers. :)
      • [ – ] Rendar parent reply Yea my favorite song you ever song was "Fly me to the moon" I would like to see if any of your trolls can do that any better. I know you are a rock n Roll dude but you do Frankie very well. I can't sing for shit I am a clown for children's Birthday parties so I am an entertainer of sorts and I think you have talent you could do weddings for sure.
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