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  • [ – ] ACCEPTTT reply Individuality is only preserved by free speech. The concept of "untruth" can also be demystified in the most obvious sense by stating that the crowd can just be flat wrong. It's good to note this fundamental of the concept for the sake of that practical effect that if we stifle subjective expressions of individuals then dissenters cannot correct the errors of the many. Also, we heed the bandwagon fallacy all the more because the "crowd" can be a "mob." I think that the nation's great purpose is to uplift the individual by facilitating individual *becoming.* Yet, in the worst case, the individual can suffer from majority rule. Despite this, in the end, commitment to consensus in the most reasonable thing we often can do. Perhaps some single individuals may suffer for the greater good, as it is decided by the crowd, UNLESS one single person has the brilliance to see a divergent solution to The Trolly Problem that the crowd can't see. The genius of the individual is the soul of society. ...moreCivilization is build upon and preserved by individuals with a divergent voice. Civilization is preserved by its Henry Fonda's among twelve angry men. It is built by its Christs with his twelve. It's often troubling to me, this weakness of democracy that the many can be so wrong, but it's the best system there is. E.B. White put it memorably "Democracy is the recurrent suspicion that more than half of the people are right more than half of the time."
    • Gabriel_Lucas parent reply That line from E.B. White genuinely made me laugh out loud. That's brilliant. There is a perpetual tension between society and the individual that needs to be navigated with great care. Lending too much to either never ends well, and finding the balance is key.
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