RWBY Reaction - RWBY Vol.4 Chapter 12 No Safe Haven (Finale)

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  • [ – ] Jamiethecomic reply Its people like you that ruined YouTube in the first place. Reaction videos can not be justified as original or non-copyright infridgening content. If your going to do it, only showe your reaction and tell them to follow a link. Then they can "Watch-Along" with you, not stealing or block revenue from honest content creators.
    • [ – ] AllanProject parent reply if u look at the videos i've reacted to there all anime and cosplay related videos also if u look at my youtube channel and my closer i don't only do reactions videos. The only reson i did Rwby reaction as i'm a fan also if u look at my channels closely i don't make money off any of my videos
      • [ – ] Jamiethecomic parent reply You are still uploading the full video and taking potential revenue away from the original creator. Doesn't matter that you are not making money. And it doesn't matter what video you are reacting to. Anime, cosplay, harambe memes. If people keep making this type of "content" then eventually Vidme will be forced to impliment the same copyright BS YouTube does. Reaction videos are poision.
        • AllanProject parent reply look i'm not going to start a fight with you the end of the day it my channel and i'll upload content that i like if want to take it down then thats fair play on there part it there website but i'm not changing what i upload because someone in the comments said to stop it my channel
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