Wednesday Weekly World News - 14th June 2017

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  • JustABloke reply I can't see any reason why government agencies or large corporate companies have their own network systems physically isolated from the mainstream. Apart from the obvious expense, to achieve highest security, it's worth it.
  • [ – ] PREPVETUK reply Its unbelievable how steam driven the NHS network is and how vulnerable it is. Complacency by a Government run institution... I am not surprised it was attacked. Been on loads of IRON WOLF types of exercises, its all posturing and a joke. . . .We are all friends when it comes to the Space Station. The Fed - Its not Federal and there is no reserve... lol what a scam! Cash is Trash as the bankers say. FIRE - i ALWAYS adopt the 4th floor rule!!!!! never go above it.. i cannot believe the occupants didnt do, prepare or say anything about the risks. I remember the days when there used to be Fire hose reels on every floor so that the occupants could tackle any blaze...A sad and desperat situation for sure. Nice post man.
    • [ – ] geordieprepper parent reply Yeah, not surprising at all it got affected by Wannacry. I bet most of the NHS systems are compromised/vulnerable/setup by companies that get paid big but give substandard work in return. Thanks man :-)
      • [ – ] PREPVETUK parent reply In one area the computers were still running Windows 98se! An unsupported OS! LOL you couldn't make it up! Their Cyber security budget for the year was a little over £20,000! I'm sure if we dug deeper into a lot of Govt departments we would find nightmares just as rediculous.. Stay safe!
  • [ – ] Lawborn reply That fire was terrible. It pays to be able to move quickly. Keep that BO bag packed and ready to go! And you're right....even non-preppers should have something ready to roll at any time.
    • [ – ] geordieprepper parent reply Yes the fire was terrible, but I can't help thinking that there's more to this event. Even people on the ground giving interviews were calling it out for what it might have been.
      • [ – ] Lawborn parent reply Interesting. This is not something that I've researched. Is there a way to learn more?
        • geordieprepper parent reply I found this video, of course you have to take all things like this with a pinch of salt, don't know the guy, who he is or whatever and BBC are known for paying for actors to get the narrative they want broadcast, but interesting none the less -
        • geordieprepper parent reply Yeah there is at least one guy interviewed amazingly enough by the BBC, they kept the interview rolling even after he said the fire was social engineering. There are very affluent and expensive flats nearby and it's suggested by many that they wanted those flats that the one that burnt out was part of demolished, to make room for newer and more expensive ones. Probably in an effort to remove those eyesores. The survivors of the fire are being rehoused in areas away from those flats, even though they were promised to be rehoused in that immediate area.
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