How YOU TUBE will look by SUMMER 2017 - S*CK it Keemstar !

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  • [ – ] bocephusjr0811 reply Ha! My kids found this on YouTube earlier somehow while watching their toy vids and my youngest came to me and said this was his new favorite toy guy lmao! #fuckcorporatetube
  • bocephusjr0811 reply and i reckon if I have to watch them with em sometimes, yer by far the best ha! Keep yer head up boss, the sun shines after the rain..always. You the man
  • bocephusjr0811 reply It's fucking crazy the amount of grown ass adults that I see them watching just opening and playing with toys and other stupid silly shit. And I swear to bah gawd that the damn things have millions of fn views.! I'm sure you know all about those vids havin kids lol. Crazy brother.
  • bocephusjr0811 reply No joke boss! He said daddy why there's only 1 find me more! Ha he didn't like when I tried explaining that it was a joke and that his new toy man didn't have more for him to watch smh
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