Thank you - Why I quit Youtube

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  • CracklingCrow reply Thanks for watching guys! I prefer now.
  • [ – ] CBSmith reply I posted to out of curiosity. You were and are my first follower. My channel is my hobby, I like to read books, watch the adaptation and write jokes. There doesn't seem to be much competition for those vids on both here and youtube. just want to say thanks for the following. hope ya enjoy the vids.
  • [ – ] sowhat_vid_me reply The yt fxckers deleted all of my 2800 videos and all of my viewers. Good riddance, youtube.
  • sowhat_vid_me reply I hate youtube as well. These fxckers betrayed me.
  • Rubadux reply For outdoors / fishing / boating / hunting / bushcraft channels like mine there isn't even a category on vidme; and there seems a lack of audience here interested in these topics for the time being; gaming, the web, pop culture, and blogging is far better represented, I see it takes time tio catch on, so I won't close my youtube channel yet but will keep developing my channel here (all for hobby).
  • [ – ] ZeroBudgetProductions reply On both starting to prefer Vidme but they need to get monetization going
  • Markusooi reply You are right I up load some of my content to both YouTube and vidme but I do my vlogs only on vidme other wise nothing gets watched on YouTube. My other videos do get some traction on YouTube but vlogs are pointless there. I followed. Thanks
  • Mr2ndopinion reply It's really hard to make it on youtube... well you almost can't make it there anymore... vidme is a better deal for beginners.
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