How to Make Acrylic Paint Vibrant, Opaque & Brighter

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  • [ – ] renatebutler reply You gave good tips! I am painting with acryllics on canvas for only a little while now and yeah..the mixing of the colors is really half of the art :) not so easy if you didnt go to a art class but its also experiences you gain along the way! I like your designs a lot!
    • [ – ] IvyLilyCreative parent reply Thank you so much, Rena! Yeah, mixing colors is something you learn by doing. Skin tones are another tricky thing to mix and I try to write down the colors I used, if I find a good color mix.
      • renatebutler parent reply I dont write it down lol got the skin tones actually pretty good -I have problems to make the blue`s I want lol...I also paint free hand, meaning I donles....t draw my pictures out with pencil before I use paitbrush...I go straight at it...its the beauty of painting-so many different styles :)
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