Car Accident Makes Angry Indian Dad RAGE (animated)

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  • Mercurythescribe reply Glad you started to post on I really hope it helps bring revenue back up. Try not to get too stressed, stay healthy and we love your content. Have a great rest of your week, Russell
  • austint30 reply I am so glad you are uploading on VidMe as well as YouTube. With all of this YouTube stuff going on, it feels great to get away from YouTube. I am hoping for the day Vidme becomes a real competitor to YouTube and gives YouTube a run for it's money. Either Vidme will surpass YouTube (I think it's unlikely) or Vidme will scare Google enough for them to straighten their shit of with YouTube.
  • SilverFang47x reply Hey, look! You got to use the custom thumbnail that you created! Stupid YouTube algorithm.
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