Most Addictive (and FREE to Play) game ever - - NerdJock Vid 19

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  • [ – ] Bush_Bird reply awesome vid ! btw u can add something at the black screen so it will be more cool like animation or something :) ! and can you check ur Messages Please
    • [ – ] Harbinger50 parent reply A lot of the videos I'm putting up are older from my youtube channel and all the source files have been deleted to free up space so modifying these is pretty much not possible. That said, your idea is not bad . . . I just wonder if it would look to cluttered or distracting.
      • [ – ] Bush_Bird parent reply well for me its a little bit distracting cuz i see the black things i can just put a pic or something from agario or whatever to make it smoother :)
        • Harbinger50 parent reply Good ideas. I get around this later when I start using the full screen and putting me overlapping in later videos. I was trying to avoid the overlap, but got tired of the empty space myself after some time haha. Also, I tried to answer your question in my message box. Hope it helps.
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