Germany: Leipzig's Mayor - School Age raised to 25yo

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  • [ – ] Emil_Emilius reply I am worried about the children, if one of the Goldpieces is alone with them.......
  • [ – ] weiggie66 reply The government will have to establish special schools which can teach adults to speak German and eventually English. Unless the immigrants want to work as trash collectors then they will need to be educated and trained to a certain level in order to contribute to society. Part of this education must be training to live in peace and accept the rights of others to believe in Christ or other religions. This is probably a dream but it is the only way forward besides deporting them.
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply I think you are right. The thing is that I want all illegals to be deported asap. They shall fix their own countries, but not come here to ruin everything. And then these clowns impertinently demand Sharia Law and stuff like that.
    • Eva111 parent reply They need to be repatriated immediatelly, not "integrated" or given anything for free like education.
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