Feeding The Cats #1 - Greece Vlog

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  • [ – ] ShinyBigBoo reply There are so many cats in Greece!! I fed a whole group my leftover people while there. So gorgeous!! Lots of generous fisherman.
    • whako parent reply Oh yes many cats here for sure! Yeah a lot of the fisherman and native people in the villages are very nice to foreigners and show great hospitality!
  • [ – ] Roamancing reply I love how cats always know when you have fish that you should be sharing.
  • [ – ] AsKaGangsta reply good man! <3
  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply Cats are adorable, I personally own dogs but there used to be a cat and kittens living behind our flats in a sofa which were adorable (they were all caught and re-homed which was good).
    • [ – ] whako parent reply My home in the US I got a pet fish haha, but here there are tons of cats that I can take care of by just feeding them and occasionally playing with them here and there. But they are quite independent and can survive themselves just fine.
      • SamEarl13 parent reply Yeah a lot of people would usually leave wild cats by themselves since they're normally fine but the mum was quite young, there are foxes that live around our area and it was winter at the time so we felt it was super important to get them homed.
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