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  • [ – ] ManBehindtheCurtain reply Greetings Comrade! I´m a Third Positioner who lives thousands of kilometers far from you. I´ve been following your content (as well as Cultured-Thug and joint venture Fascist Maxims) at Youtube. Outstanding material, from both of you. Judging by what recently happened to "Culture-Thug" channel I believe it´s a very good idea to have your content backed up here (as well as on external media like portable hdd, for instance) Strenght and Honour!
    • [ – ] Marshal_Ironsides parent reply Strength and Honor, Comrade! Tell me more about this portable hdd.
      • ManBehindtheCurtain parent reply An "hdd" is not a "social media" site, but a hard disk drive. I suggested a portable one, because you can store it safe, appart from your PC, just in case something happens to your computer or its internal hard drive (stolen, mechanical/electronic failure, etc.). Of course you would have to upload again your content if your channel were taken down. Nice to communicate with you again Comrade! Strenght and Honour!
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