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  • kevm1982 reply i personally like Shotty. i think he has potential. if he devoted more time to developing his schemes and putting more jokes to move the crowd, i think he could beat charlie clips.
  • bigian reply shotty horroh clearly
  • UK_All_Day reply Shotty MURKED him. Hitman was shit and his flow was terrible. Too much fake aggression and fake gangster talk. Shottys bars and punchlines were a lot more intelligent and his flow and timing were a whole lot better than this dancing clown circus actor who claims to be a gangster but also a rapper. Shotty bodied him 3-0. 👌👌👌
  • matthewcovas reply @megreapz you're absolutely right.. Shotty killed it, and honestly I think he won 3rd round too, just didn't sound as smooth cause of the crowd reaction full time. Shotty all the way! And about you @porky53 , just shut the fuck up, you don't know shit
  • megreapz reply @porky53 stop talking shit, shotty killed him. shotty won 1st round and 2nd, his 3rd wasn't bad either but I may just of edged hitman. 2-1 shotty either way hitman lost and lost clearly stop dickriding
  • porky53 reply 3-0 Hitman, Shotty sucks!!
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