Rude People Suck

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  • DiamondDebLP reply Rude people really do suck. I've worked retail & they are especially mean there.
  • TheBrewMonks reply Too many people just exist as a miserable person and love nothing more than to make other people miserable. Feel ya brother. Hated working with the public!
  • celticflame reply Totally agree with you. I've worked with enough of them in the past & pribably more in the future. How hard is it to be Decent to those around you? You never realize just by being nice,how much that lil bit can cheer someone up who has had a crappy day.
  • TheAttempters reply I never wanna work in retail
  • sowhat-vidme reply I know exactly what you talk about. And you are right.
  • SilentGamer reply Rude people are awful!!! I used to work as a bartender and I am pretty sure you know how hard is to smile at those suckers. Sorry for language.
  • derekdavid33 reply People, Are pricks like that it shows how there life is :P
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