The Liberal Democrat way of solving problems, just throw money at it until it goes away.

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  • [ – ] Mr2ndopinion reply Is this a joke or a assumption you actually mean?
    • [ – ] OrionBlastar parent reply I hope it is a joke:
      • [ – ] Mr2ndopinion parent reply You have to be from an asylum to throw out money from a window. xD
        • [ – ] OrionBlastar parent reply Yeah most of them have narcissism and borderline personality disorder, etc. Nice site, but I'm not young, I'm in my late 40s.
          • [ – ] Mr2ndopinion parent reply There is some fatherly advice on there too, no worries. I got you covered too. Because you can learn from another father right? Anyway... Sure there are politicians who stimulate mental illness and retardedness... no question about that but I don't believe in it. Imo there is no God on earth or in heaven or whatever place we can imagine or see! Don't get me wrong I have faith! But I keep my focus on the entire thing instead of an entity.
            • [ – ] OrionBlastar parent reply Free speech means you are entitled to your own views and opinions. I am not about money and material things but spiritual things like the truth, the way, the life. I have a connection to a higher power, the best way to explain it is like having a connection to the Internet to be able to access things like that people without that connection don't believe it exists.
              • [ – ] Mr2ndopinion parent reply Euhm that connection, not sure if there is a connection if you have a connection with a higher power? I may be wrong but I've seen higher power things too... mostly it's Sensory nervous system being able to see reality differently... is that a higher power... no that's just breaking through the visual reality with putting or mind onto other things than the patterns we accumulated. Sorry but I don't believe higher power mumbo jumbo. Do use to call fire higher power? But you are entitled to your truth. I hope I did not offend you by telling you mine.
                • [ – ] OrionBlastar parent reply Nope, you didn't offend me. I am not one of those social justice warriors or feminist protestors or whatever that always find something to be offended about. I was talking about meditating and learning more about the universe. If you don't believe in that, no problem with me. The truth is painful, but lies are comfortable for people to believe them. Like Sherlock Holmes, I try not to pay attention to the distractions out there, like MTV Awards being handed out while Venezuela crumbles and falls apart because communism failed there like it has other nations. I believe in things bigger than me. City, state, USA, UN, Earth, Sun, Solar System, Galaxy, Universe, etc. We are all a part of it, but ignorance makes us think we are separate from it. Just my views and opinions.
                  • [ – ] Mr2ndopinion parent reply Yeah, we think alike then. I agree that those things distract us from better things. Lots of nonsense out there. And even things that make sense isn't always a good choice either. You got to check yourself. People keep shouting check your privilege a lot these days but what it actually boils down to is that you have to check yourself. Especially our best tool, our moral compass.
                    • [ – ] OrionBlastar parent reply Yeah, I got friends that are Japanese or Latino and they get called White Males on the Internet and real life. They get told to check their privilege too. SJWs and Feminists claim to be for the Japanese and Latinos, but at the same time, they call them white males. I saw it on Github as well.
                      • [ – ] Mr2ndopinion parent reply Seems to me feminists are people pleasers and haters at the same time... where they wanna go with that? Shouldn't they get a job or something like they always wanted protesting for equal rights... :)
                        • [ – ] OrionBlastar parent reply Feminists use feelings and emotions to manipulate people, they hate logic, reason, and critical thinking because it shows them as frauds. Yeah there are some professional protestors that get paid $5000/month to protests, disrupt things, block traffic, throw rocks and bottles at cops during protests, etc.
                          • [ – ] Mr2ndopinion parent reply Nothing new under the sun to me... I've seen people get paid for the craziest things. When you punch one of those hired guns in the face... you are the one doing unlawful things.... this world is fcked up manipulative and control destructive because of the cover up people go nuts when the info comes out in their brain and it doesn't matter because it keeps going on... hired guns are timeless. I tell them in public to eat a dck. I'm pretty much done with that bullsht being there in the public sphere. If they want to troll the internet I don't care but they shouldn't be in public. The harassing morally correct people so they can get a wrap cheat on them. 'The elite' (read gang of thugs) fears the leaders who are correct.
                            • [ – ] OrionBlastar parent reply I'll tell you that every time they want to cover something up, the MSM goes nuts over some celebrity or issue. Like recently all the liberals are mad at Trump for firing FBI director Comey, and a few months ago they were begging Trump to fire him because he had a case of Clinton's emails. It makes you wonder what they are trying to distract us from now? They control people with fear. If you challenge their opinions etc they will call you racist, sexist, homophone etc. On some fake news site there is this 87 second video of Trump talking about genes and genetics that are supposed to prove he is racist. Genes are not the same as race. A Latina woman had a 5 second video were she defends Trump claiming immigration status and Islam are not races. Either these people are very stupid, or they make stuff up to try and fool everyone into being stupid enough to believe them. Right now France and other nations in the EU are electing left-wingers and offering to take in 10M Syrian refugees. Worke...mored out great for Germany right? Anyone remember the French riots over Muslims not getting jobs? Anyone remember when Muslims were shooting up Brussels? They don't seem to learn when they take in 10 Million refugees and they can't even give decent jobs to their own people, so how are these 10M Refugees going to get jobs?
                              • Mr2ndopinion parent reply Believe me I know everything about the tactics they use to divert people from the actually truth... hey they even give you an implant where you start believing in another truth and make it like real and everything just to cover up the fact that there is no government, there is no control, there is no war, there's nothing... All there is, is a distraction. But we come to a time and age we can be distracted by playing games and having fun instead of having to listen to all the bullsht... this generation is growing and growing and I stand for it! Ofcourse we still need to do sports and stuff like that to stay healthy and invent robots but that's actually a good distraction instead of this nonsense! I totally agree with you but I don't fight it anymore, I'm letting it die out! Although it never really existed in my life.
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