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Prey - NEUROMOD Fabrication Plan + Copy Protection Lift (Build as many Neuromods as you want)

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May 5 2017

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NEUROMOD FABRICATION PLAN (00:14) Early on Alex will give you the Dr. Kelstrup’s safe code where the Neuromod Fabrication Plan is. Progress a bit in the story to get the general key which gives you access to the Psychotronics section of the ship. Follow the quest marker to into Psychotronics until you reach Dr. Kelstrup’s room and open the safe with the code. After you built a few Neuromods you get an error which prevents you from building any more. This triggers the next side quest. NEUROMOD COPY PROTECTION (02:33) Return back to the Neuromod Division and repair the grav shaft to get to the upper floor. From here enter the Volunteer Quarters and walk through the door to your left and go inside the room behind the desk. Use your GLOO gun to get up there and enter the main room. Be prepared for a lot of enemies and get Dr. Kelstrup's keycard from his body. Use the grav shaft to get to the upper floor again and enter the room with the keycard. Dr. Kelstrup’s workstation can now be used to lift the copy protection and lets you build as many Neuromods as you want.

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