Meet The Canfield Watchmen (Ferguson Copwatch)

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  • phil77 reply Hands up don't shoot is a lie
  • phil77 reply How about you actually make a difference and police the streets for criminals. I'm from Florissant and everyone is moving out because of the criminals like mike brown.
  • SackOs reply Nothing like posting some funniness after a 5 minute video about death.
  • Rodlu13 reply
  • goombaslm reply Ignorance begets ignorance or is that violence begets violence? Either case, wrong way to accomplish anything!
  • Rodlu13 reply Found This ElseWhere.....Interesting: ******************************* I Hereby Invoke My Right to Remain Silent NOTICE TO LAW ENFORCEMENT(FEDS, POLICE, INSPECTORS, PROSECUTORS, ETC.) PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that I do not waive, and I hereby invoke my rights, as guaranteed by the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution. I object to ANY search of ANY kind whatsoever. I do not and will not consent to a search of my person, my things, my car or my home. I choose to REMAIN SILENT. I will not say anything without my lawyer. I will not answer any questions or provide any explanations until I have spoken to my lawyer. Further, I will not talk about my case with anyone other than my lawyer. Make this statement a part of the report concerning this contact.
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