Louisiana Rep. Clay Higgins SHATTERS Leftist Border Arguments!

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  • ResistanceChicks777 reply Not necessary to read my comment, I use comments to pull stuff out of myself.
  • ResistanceChicks777 reply Love comments well thought out. Year of Jubilee! 2015, 2016,2017,2018 2015: Eyes opened, 2016: Do something about it, 2017: Destroy whatever wealth there is: fraudulently obtain land, power, wealth, law making, leadership, through fake money, 2018 return everyone their personal property, land silver gold, justice. Yes, everything is upside down. If you were a criminal what would you do? Make every crime legal and every good activity illegal. Like Gold. We were robbed our own gold in 1933, We were robbed our freedom in 1913, (Wilson was a fraudulent election, we did not elect him). So need to go to DC get the record on where all the gold and silver is. Go get it, put the thieves to a trail, hang them, I actually like a firing squad not so messy. My Family has been land owners, in America, at least since the late 1700's. All people who owned land in 1930 should return there. (Grandparents either inherited their land as a farm or their Grandparents bought the land using silver/...moregold coins, (still half free). Those whose ancestors were slaves get their 40 acres in the south promised them. Those who came to America after 1930 are going to have to wait. While we coin gold silver coins, give each American the same amount. From there Migrants who came after 1930 can buy land from the original owners using the gold and silver coins, buy some seeds, Everyone farms, or as a trade, baker, candlestick maker, shoemaker, blacksmith, etc.
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