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  • Death_998 reply Cool! I loved the movie, and you've done an amazing job on this video! :D
  • D1ckyPr05T41nt reply -5:18 Actually, what I got from the steve scene is that he's running for student council, and the people putting up his posters are either really stupid or really lazy. YOU DON'T PUT ALL THE POSTERS ON ONE BULLETIN BOARD, TOMMY!
  • [ – ] MotherLover reply Being popular doesn't mean that you can "be yourself". Unless you are in the ultimate position of power, you will have to be the way that got you there, if you want to stay there. If Steve repressed parts of his personality to get popular, he wouldn't necessarily be popular when he stopped doing it.
    • [ – ] MotherLover parent reply I mean Steve could be a sociopath or something. Or a cannibal. He could really like ballet. I think the point was made in 2 sentences, so I'll stop rambling.
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