Vidme Update: Monetization! - What are your thoughts on it?

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  • [ – ] RetroRevelations reply I think it's both good and bad. It's good because yes, maybe some random videos you watch on YT "don't deserve" to get money. But on the other hand, I can see how it would be hard for many content creators to come up with extra or special stuff for paying subscribers, on top of the "regular" content they already "give away for free". Depending on how it works, I could see it causing some division, honestly. It might be a good thing, but it could also be a bad thing if not handled properly. It also begs the question of whether or not many Vidme creators would just create videos FOR money alone, or try to lock their good content behind a pay-wall, etc. Don't get me wrong, I would love to make some money off of something that I've been doing for free, essentially as a hobby. I enjoy making videos, and making money off of them, especially "real" money, would be infinitely preferable over most mundane ways to pay the bills. BUT, I just think that Vidme needs to be very careful on how th...moreey handle stuff like this. I honestly still wouldn't mind them implementing real "ad revenue" also, if they could find a happy middle-ground/better way to do it than YT does it.
  • JustABloke reply As a "TuberHolic" (a person who cannot get enough of watching "REAL" online content - I made up this definition during my YT experience hehe) I totally recommend this subscription method along side the tipping system. Music content makers like @TheCrowsNest who release music royalty-free will definitely get my support. I didn't really like the Patron system with YT because it felt disjointed, but in saying that as YT recently had a mental meltdown at least I can still support them on Patreon. Now that I seldom visit YT I will sadly be closing my Patreon endeavors. As for me utilizing the subscription feature, no, I'm as creative as a lump of stone. I love the fact I can tip here and there and anywhere on totally different content. Simply because I am entertained and people should be rewarded for their efforts. My 2 cents worth.
  • Calibri_Funtimes reply Hi @Varrest. I'm excited to see how this update develops and evolves as @VidMe grows. But one aspect that worries me is ensuring the videos here are accessible to everyone; there are just some people in the world who be unable to subscribe due to hardships or whatever. I have mixed feelings.
  • [ – ] thephirefox reply Nows the time to take the crown from youtube.
  • FitMenOver40TV reply I like the tipping model because it lets the viewer decide to support the creator on a per video basis, with no monthly obligation.
  • OVlogick reply Wow, this is literally something I'd thought YouTube could do instead of it's adsense system.
  • DavidDoel reply I think they're great additions! Smart way to add monetization without putting advertisers in control.
  • patrickballeux reply I like the Tips model as this let the viewer decide. The ad model, like YouTube is more profitable for the channel but kind of forces viewers to watch something they don't care about. Subscribing is more for specialized channels having premium content and not for the casual channel like mine. is user oriented and I like that a lot. My 2 cents...
  • GlobalizationInQuestion reply i think this is a very good system 1 comment for vidme though CAN WE GET EUROPEAN SUPPORT!!!!!! its a 300 million people counting community that can be tapped ;)
  • [ – ] LeftHeadGrave reply the biggest concern i have for pay subscription is that it could very well create creator wars and so on. I'd have no issues with adverts so long as the advertisers realized they have no say on policies, just are riding on coat tails... That's where youtube failed hard. I also like both options being open, subscriptions for no ads as an example. Or for advertisers being able to specifically advertise on certain channels so the creators can get at least some sort of default pay. ...Middle path I guess.
    • Faust-bargain parent reply If you rely on Advertising revenue for your business, then advertisers are the paying customers. Viewers are the product. Paying customers always have a say in content and policy, since you must attract paying customers as a business.
  • KayakuKaiju reply People are going to have to keep their sub fees really low, or they'll be under the thumb of the expectations of their subscribers. I think it's a step in the right direction away from ScrewTube, but time will tell if it's the right step.
  • CollegeOfCeliac reply I personally will be waiting to enable subscriptions until I have an audience as well, glad to know I am not alone in this.
  • Shimeran reply Not a bad start. Honestly, the trickiest part for me is being able to support all the creators I enjoy while staying in budget. Having a subscription fund that gets periodically split among the videos I view would help.
  • ThatsEon reply I'll be honest and say I don't know how to feel about this type of system, money is like a second thought to my main motive of having fun and meeting new people. However though it being like a Twitch system worries me, with there being no live streaming or anything and with everyone having a different background on payment, I kinda feel mixed on opinion. And me along with the rest I won't be hitting up that monetization button just yet until I see it's full effects and stuff. You could say I'm kinda skeptical.
  • ShriekingShade reply I'm quite excited about this myself, but i'm also nervous about doing it because I don't think my channels big enough.
  • November_Fox reply I didn't get into Vidme for the money. I got into it because I needed a hobby. So the last thing I want to do is enable this and risk having my followers think I'm money hungry when I'm not. However, at the same time if my followers want me to enable subscription services I'm not going to deny them that. I think I'm going to do what everyone else is doing and just wait and see what happens for now.
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply This is really a step to growing this platform. They also tweeted that in the near future subscriber will have special perks and badges or their comments will be highlighted. I hope analytics will roll in soon too.
  • [ – ] Roaside_Rick reply Cool They are going a twitch sort of way and keep crowd funding on platform .instead of having to go out to a patreon of sorts
  • [ – ] QuasarGaming reply I definitely think it's interesting, it's sort of like a patreon thing, but It definitely looks good
  • BritishRail60062 reply I cannot see the video but I can hear the sound. I am still learning the ropes. But I think I will add a subscription button to my channel once I start making Vidme exclusive content that will not be available on my YouTube channel network.
  • Kill_my_vibe reply i dig this thing too...
  • Marsvai reply Some successful podcasts have half the content for free and another half for subscription fee on Patreon. Might work well here too.
  • Ms_K reply it seems to be a cool idea (subscription) I'm going to sub to creators that I really dig on here and support thier content.If done right it should work just fine...
  • JunglesBongles reply cash in all u want i never pay a dime on the internet bcuz almost all of it is useless junk. I would support the daily stormer thou but thats about it.
  • JunglesBongles reply vidme can smell big youtubers starting to use it and other sites at the same time as utube and that means that large masses will be migrating too.
  • omegajim reply Vidme is growing, and it's an amazing thing.
  • Rayman327 reply I like it, it's a good way for content creators to get support from their subscribers.
  • Wilson_Report reply I'm going to keep my content free, I'd rather collect tips, then maybe think about launching premium content (along side free) later.
  • [ – ] GauteAnimation reply Paid subscribers, does that mean they have to pay to follow you ? Or is it an extra feature that viewers can use if they want to give a little support ?
  • McKinda reply That's a really creative way to support creators. Vid me is doing a pretty good job.
  • [ – ] LVLWON reply Waiting to grow your channel is always a good call. I also want to say that I know many creators on Vidme don't want to seen as someone in it for the money, and therefore have subscriptions off regardless of their channel size. But in my honest opinion, the best way to go about it is to enable subscriptions and set it at the lowest price of one dollar. Some viewers really do want to support their favorite creators (although of course I understand at this time we are not 100% sure what's being offered) and so those channels should give them that opportunity.
  • bane reply Video featured on:
  • aaliyah_holt1995 reply you can set it now if you want.
  • WeirdestNews reply I love the new update, I forgot that i had this account but now Im starting to upload here as well as on youtube
  • Proto reply I really like the conversation this video has sparked. Keep it going :O
  • Proto reply I stated my thoughts in the description. Overall I like the idea of this new update. What are your thoughts on the update?
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