Moon still has Light Beams Shooting Upwards from the Surface

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  • [ – ] Macho_Sancho reply wow any guess as to what that is?
    • Jayling7 parent reply I really don't know, all I can do is guess, but the beams seem to be coming out of that 'crater' (if it is one, that is). Landing port perhaps? An underground facility that's domed? I don't know! lol
  • [ – ] j7409skynews reply More great work! I could see the light force you were talking about. WOW good catch. The moon shines because its surface reflects light from the sun. Well the Sun was down So what was it reflecting off of??? Makes you think think doesn't it. And if i saw the same thing you did in this , It looked like it might have been a magnetic thing maybe. Take Care..Peace and Love..J
    • Jayling7 parent reply You may be onto something there with the magnetics! That white crater (if it is one) appears to be emanating light beams outwards from it, like a beacon or lighthouse. And when rewatching this footage, I found another 'question mark' (lol).
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