Mainstream Media Goes Ape Sh*t over New HILARIOUS Presidential Tweet

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  • JustABloke reply President Trump is going to be forever remembered as one of the greatest Modern US Presidents of all time, for the RIGHT reasons.
  • TheGreyHam reply SNN = Snowflake News Network
  • MotherGaeia reply The woman in the orange suit, I don't watch CNN/FNN or TV at all so I don't know her name, but she sounds like a highly paid parrot... it's impossible that she actually means what she says!
  • John_Cowart reply While this is one of your ideas that I do love. If Freedom is not for all then in time it will be for none but the elites. On the other hand, I note that the true America has done the right thing once we got their attention. Washington listens only to Washington. Not to wonder why America has been ignored for so long by our government.
  • Star_Wars6collector reply Mc Death du du du daaaa I'm dying from it
  • Star_Wars6collector reply How come the Military Police does not arrest all those communists that sold uranium to the Russians as well as the military systems and factories to China and North Korea
  • Hardhelmet reply How my family aided in the 911 attacks and more at
  • truwho82 reply And his name is... Dolan.
  • GoMGTOW reply All hail the Trum-Father!
  • basic_goku reply Fox news FFN same thing.
  • 1_Bunny_Rabbit_Supremacist reply Interesting how the jewsmedia (establishment narrative projectors) higher and promote journalists and talking-heads that seem to be pathological in their paid lies and deception.
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