The Not So Hidden Message In Wonder Woman

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  • Ruffloorborder reply Glad to see your work over here at vidme KJ, awesome. I just got over here. Your the first follow for me. God bless man.
  • socratea reply Back in April 2002, the animated Justice League Unlimited TV show had a 2-part "Fury" episode. A fellow Amazon was trying to bring about male gendercide on Earth, and Wonder Woman doesn't see what the problem is. In the Part 2 episode, while talking with HawkGirl, she states, "THEY (men) can't possibly be that essential to your life," in which HawkGirl responds, "Don't knock it 'til you try it, Princess." The sexual innuendo aside, this dialog reinforces how Wonder Woman feels about it. Check out the episode here. The scene is at 6:50
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