Micronta Dual FET VOM

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  • mosslack reply Hi Larry, you can't choose a category until you are verified. So it doesn't really matter for now.
  • mosslack reply Hi Bill, this video is from January 22, 2015. I was not very consistent in my earlier posts on YT, I may have done the lower resolution to see how it looked. :)
  • OLD64GOAT reply Hi Doug, Why is this video in 240P? I never saw this video, is it an old video?
  • [ – ] umajunkcollector reply hi Doug, I've been searchin on here, and think um onto somethin. People are not tagging their channels, vids, and titles to be found in searches. TAGS like radio TV tube crt meter trains and so on, i.e. what we make our vids about. Also TAG brand names zenith philco pioneer realistic admiral fluke and stuff like that. TAGGING IS IMPORTANT. I will search for micronta and see if this vid pops up. Don
    • [ – ] mosslack parent reply I didn't tag it so I doubt it will. By the way, the meter I owned back in 1980 was a 22-208. I have a saved search for that model going on eBay. Hope to find one and I will probably just sell this one.
      • umajunkcollector parent reply I noticed that if you click categories above, you can search genres such as tech. Seems to be a lot of gamers, like YT.
      • [ – ] umajunkcollector parent reply OK it found you and micronta ok. so the search seems to work. if i can figure out tags, perhaps i'll post a vid about how. btw, can't seem to edit comments after post comment.
        • [ – ] mosslack parent reply I don't know about you, but I cannot see the reply button and whatever is next to it. Needs to be a way to change the colors or something so a person can see it.
          • [ – ] mosslack parent reply Only way I could find was to add the high contrast extension in Chrome. I can see those reply buttons fine now, but other stuff sucks!
            • mosslack parent reply Okay, I found out how to change the settings of the high contrast extension so now it works much better. I can at least see the reply delete and time next to the name. I hope Vidme adds more options to change those in future releases.
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