Acrylic hand painting | Tips and Tricks with acrylic paint

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  • [ – ] Pavlovafowl reply That was a really helpful video. Stupidly really because I do think about it with every other thing I use, I never thought about how quality can vary with paint! Normally I use water colours but I did get some cheap acrylics when I was back in the UK and I've been having a real problem with them. The PVA content makes great sense! Thank you for all the other tips too, most useful - I'm really bad at changing water! Hope you upload some more tutorials soon - something on watercolours would be great. Hands are really the touchstone by which you can judge a good portrait painting, so IMHO you are well on target for getting that AS level! All the very best from Normandie and thanks for the follow, much appreciated and I reciprocated, Sue
    • Memo_ parent reply Hey! No problem.I was really shocked when I found out about the cheap acrylic paints so I thought it would be really good to share. Absolutely love using watercolour so will try to get a video together using it soon c: Thankyou for the lovely feedback! -Memo
  • [ – ] VanceSova reply Nicely done. I never painted with acrylic, mostly with water colors but I'm not much of a painter. It's helpful if one has a talent for it which I lack.
  • [ – ] ChannelBrian reply That was Bangin'
  • [ – ] Dreyson reply Man that's talent
  • [ – ] Rational_Gamers reply Woah, looks so real. Seriously need talent to do that
  • [ – ] LittleMuslimas reply Wow ....
  • [ – ] ChestPainKane reply That's amazing :)
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