All Islam Is Radical Islam. Here's Why

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  • Thornack reply but yes the islam (and all other abrahamic religion) is a real religion of "peace" :)
  • [ – ] Thornack reply lol geert wilders hahahaha he is a jew and a real clown xD
    • [ – ] bohemefit2 parent reply & varg is a fat balding fuckwit with no education or idea beyond grass roots... I dont know if gert is jew, the point is the message of isdhyte
      • [ – ] Thornack parent reply nice said hahahahaha, yes I know wilders has good points in this video :) but he is no good with his party, he is quite destructive and don't know how he wants to solve problems
        • [ – ] bohemefit2 parent reply reminds me of our Pauline Hansen here, she has many valid points but like the rest is Pro israel & christianity which why I dont vote.. The argument of whos abrahamic asshole exists & should have claim of a pagan land is infuriating..
          • bohemefit2 parent reply aboriginals are pagan, we are pagan & theres even aryan links to shared knowledge with the aboriginals here (albeit most have no idea & have taken the jew poison alcohol in place of that knowledge)
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