Vidme SUCKS! (Rant)

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  • [ – ] MeloDotty reply As I said in my unpopular opinion piece, the trending page on vidme pisses me off. I was told the VIDME spam on it to be "gay". I said "that's not gay. at this point, it's masturbation". Why? BECAUSE THE TRENDING PAGE IS VISIBLE TO PEOPLE WHO ARE ALREADY HERE. YOU'RE NOT DRAWING ANYONE IN THAT WAY.
  • [ – ] Powerpuff reply Good points made. I can't stand when Youtubers upload extremely old content on here. I saw a Halloween themed video the other day and I face palmed so hard. Old Halloween videos being uploaded in May??? WHYY???? So many youtubers upload so much of their old content and don't even bother interacting with the community. Really irks me.
  • [ – ] JimGiant reply We need big Youtubers to come here and bring their audiences with them. If you do gaming or anime you're sorted if you keep producing quality content but if you make content about a neiche hobby there may only be 20 people on the site who are genuinely interested in what you do so you need more people to join. That being said I agree when it comes to big Youtubers just dumping uploads without making an effort to connect with the community.
    • JustAnOpinion parent reply Yeah As I said, if big youtubers make exclusive vidme content then thats a step in the right direction and it would help the site out allot. If they just Reupload thier youtube content it really does not help anyone!
    • [ – ] MeloDotty parent reply You don't want them all here. Someday, definitely. Right away? No. Then all us tiny people that can't grow on youtube due to oversaturation....can't grow because it'll be oversaturated here too.
      • JustAnOpinion parent reply The Reuploads from big youtubers really bug me! They don't interact with the community at all! It really just is a backup site for them!
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