Thank You For Over 100 Followers

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  • [ – ] YungJ reply shout outs given in order @Aurian_MoonRose @ASMR_WHISPERS_SPANISH go check them out! :)
  • [ – ] GreyMovies reply Congrats on 100+! Keep it up!
  • [ – ] YourSugoiStrwbry reply Eyy, congrats fam 🎉🎉🎉
  • [ – ] Aurian_MoonRose reply First off, congratulations to 100 + followers ^_^. It definitely doesn't surprise me for your short videos you are always entertaining and fun to watch, and have some interesting moments you save up. Thank you for the mention. You didn't have to but still much appreciated XD. Also you got to enjoy what you do if it is getting boring then I completely understand. You do you and you'll continue to grow up to 200 next easily.... well since your already close-ish I'll say 300 lol.
    • [ – ] YungJ parent reply Thanks man! You keep up the videos too they keep me entertained on my lunch breaks and in between games haha 👍🏼
      • [ – ] Aurian_MoonRose parent reply Your much welcome! I definitely will keep up the videos as long as you keep doing you :) Really glad that they do entertained you, sometimes I do question my own humor and personality but who doesn't sometimes. What a better time to watch then on breaks In both work and games lol 👍🏼
        • [ – ] YungJ parent reply Haha I don't plan on stopping anytime soon and I hope you don't either. 🎮 👾
          • Aurian_MoonRose parent reply Good, I'm glad you don't cause you just keep getting better and funnier, and nope I don't plan on it either till I become too old to remember what I'm doing or physically can't. Watch out Season 10,400 in 2092 lmao 👍🏼🎮. I'll only be 107 by then shouldn't be a problem XD.
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