The Merkelling of Europe: Chinese Gone Wild

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  • [ – ] Politics_N_Games reply The Germans are going to vote to finish their country off later this year. Lunatics.
    • [ – ] metsis parent reply Frankly speaking, the best thing that could happen to europe would be if Germany would be purged with nuclear weapons.
  • [ – ] dr1015 reply This makes me very angry! Angry that nobody is taken up arms and doing something about it. Angry that a lot of people still think this "diversity" is a good thing. Angry for the deniel. Angry for the lies we are being told, and the lies about history that we have been told.
    • [ – ] Spectral parent reply Germany is very special in this regard, they have been fed propaganda since they started going to school that they should feel guilty for WW2. So they stiffle any differing opinions, they even prosecute some people for wrong think. They think they can assimilate these migrants into their society but it will only create a parallel society like they have in Sweden, because the migrants refuse to assimilate 99% of them.
      • blindfire parent reply Does it make me a bad person to hope Germany, as a nation, disintegrates in the next decade into constituent states that don't feel the same level of guilt? I know some places like Bavaria don't have the same level of self loathing. I'd love to see an independent Saxony or Bavaria not controlled by a guilt wracked central government preserve their culture. Some areas of Germany are doomed, but it need not be all of them. Let those who are obsessed with the past die with it, but don't drag everyone else down too.
    • eMuralla parent reply This is not a take up of arms conflict plus think that If anybody where to do so it would probable accelerate the formation of the EU army.
  • RookieRanger reply I'm a simple man. I see a Nazi Anime Girl and I click.
  • Auceza reply Merkel is a scam artist. But the average German is too stupid to see through the big lies of the mainstream media. Anyways there is resistance in Germany. And the German resistance needs help!
  • TechnicallyBraindead reply But muh sexual emergency!
  • GenZyklon reply This is so sad. The majority of my ancestry is from Germany and it is disgraceful what has happened to their homeland.
  • robsdroid215 reply This is a very informative video, but to be honest I could watch 20 minutes of dancing Merkel...
  • GeorgeEnglish reply No such thing as a nazi salute. Only there are ASHKENAZIS. I'm a pagan, the salute is ours. We have for thousands of years used it. .... þancie pē Wesaþ ģē hāl Ne Ofģief Ić lufie Englaland Wē eart pā Engliscan
  • SaadOliver reply Until Paul comes back #boycottyoutube
  • [ – ] permavirgin reply Germans are suffering from collective cognitive dissonance due to hardcore social engineering already starting in Kindergarten. It's impossible to hold a conversation with the average german, all you get in response discussing topics like these are conditioned slogans and accusations of racism, phobia, envy, etc. It is a lost country. I wish I wasn't such a useless, unskilled piece of shit so I could leave this place.
    • Lost_Bobbl parent reply I feel the same man
    • [ – ] GeorgeEnglish parent reply I'm English White and Proud. All for tribe and Nation. English National Socialist. Germans should be getting together and claim land for native White Germans only, within Germany. What's wrong with living with your own kind?
      • [ – ] MeowTheRainbowX parent reply I think that's taking things too far. The goal should be to stop the open-border policy, realize that not all cultures are compatible with those of the West, imprison those who deserve it regardless of skin color, and allow Germans to be proud of being German. The invaders are as they are because they are Muslims and grew up in inferior cultures. I don't think white people need to be only among themselves. Rather, people need to be among people with good values like caring about their fellow human beings.
        • [ – ] GeorgeEnglish parent reply That's a nice idea. But how can it work? In South Africa the Whites are on level 6 of the genocide scale. It only goes up to 7! Sudan has split in two on racial lines. Idiology changes. Therefore, your theory I approve of but the invaders won't take part in sharing. And nature dictates, why should they? As long as people give, the replacement people will take. I'm surrounded by an ocean of non Whites. They don't want me here. Nowhere to run. You give your land away, then your days and ideology are over shortly.
          • [ – ] MeowTheRainbowX parent reply I understand where you're coming from. However, I think that for any countries being invaded in such a way, the first priority should be to stop the invaders from coming in. The so-called refugees from the Middle East definitely don't care about Western culture or the native population, and they actively leech off of welfare payments. Once the policy has at least shifted in that direction, attention should be turned to those already in the country. There will be no tolerance for crimes, and for those who haven't committed any, they should still be compelled into getting jobs, learning the country's language, and doing anything else necessary to be a productive member of society. I know that simply reducing welfare will help with that first thing. For those who aren't willing to do their part, they will probably leave on their own before they have to be forced to do so. I think any country that's currently cucked like Germany or Sweden should do these things, and while convincing...more the populace and the establishment is another story, I just want to outline good policies that don't require the alt-right mindset.
            • GeorgeEnglish parent reply I meant Alt Right. I put Tight ha ha.
            • [ – ] GeorgeEnglish parent reply You raise good points. But ask yourself this, who benefits? One point also, in 60's England many Pakistanis arrived as refugees. They got away from the ISIS mentally. However, their descendants mostly support ISIS theories by opinions given by the Muslim communites across the UK. So, as I mentioned, ideology is subject to change. Furthermore, they breed more and at much a younger age. They need more houses, more work. Why should they share when they can take. It's all tribal. Why should they do what the host country says?The alt tight? Just another silly name. Left and Right are meaningless. It's about nature, nature always wins. It can't be beaten. I'm a Pagan and lead that lifestyle the best I can.
              • [ – ] MeowTheRainbowX parent reply Well, with the policies that I've outlined, white people and non-problematic colored people would benefit, whereas the white nationalist policy would only benefit the former. I can understand why the descendants of those Pakistanis would hold troubling views, and I don't think nature is the issue. I think the harsh and hateful rhetoric that's allowed to be spewed continuously among Western Muslims is responsible for that. I do understand why humans would take the easy way out by living off of welfare and taking advantage of their overly accommodating host country. However, by taking a harsher stance against those people, a country can create incentives for better behavior and discourage the continuation of laziness, cynicism, and lack of civility shown by migrants. Humans will naturally adapt to these circumstances. Since the "refugees" taken in by European countries have no problem returning to their home countries due to cold weather, they should be able to do so once they can'...moret collect welfare from their nanny state. For anyone who actually wants to carve out a new life here, there's nothing stopping them.
                • GeorgeEnglish parent reply I like your views in a general way. We will never agree - I've seen the violence first land and many decades ago - the point being why would anyone want an army of young men in their country? The greater Israel project has destabilised the Middle East. The last disaster being Libya. Gaddafi pulled out of the world monetary system. He printed his countries' cash. All countries that do this get bombed. Syria is in the way apparently. So Assad is next. The Middle East problem is easily sorted but there is money in war. Everyone has a homeland. Mine is forcibly shared. I protest, and low and behold, I get locked up ( 7 times now). I rape and kill no one. Yet, non Whites can rape and kill Whites. The media defend them. This army of non Whites will take control. For me, I just stick with my own tribe until we are killed off. We need land. We won't get it.
  • xlmendoza reply that dancing Merkel lol!
  • LeonLaGrey reply I been wanting to go to Germany since mid-2000's since I was a young teen. I know I have a friend that works in a computer industry in Berlin. Honestly I do not know if I want to go now. I hear and read stories of how bad it has gotten. I feel sorry that the German people they're having to deal with this.
  • Bleachameete reply Diversity is not a strength, but a quality that would be exploited.
  • robsdroid215 reply This is a great video.
  • [ – ] Kane_Lives reply Is that some Hell March I hear? Noice.
  • [ – ] georgerock reply Why should the German men fight and die to save a country that hates them? Better to join the invaders.
  • Rodka reply Mio is cute!
  • Satinsays reply Imagine a world where the French are the engineers, the English are the chefs, the Germans are the lovers, the Italians are law enforcement, and the Greeks are the bankers.
  • Satinsays reply Let's stop and think, just for a moment. What if this "grand experiment" ultimately works? Would we as critical thinkers, have the courage to admit we got caught up in rhetorical wrong think? Ha! I'm just kidding; Europe is soooo screwed!!!
  • Satinsays reply I hate to say it; but It's morbidly fun to watch these Dark Horses circle the drain of history, over and over. Luckily, I am young enough to perform my told you so dance; when they whipsaw back to something resembling free market Capitalism- which incidentally doesn't exist, anywhere on this planet. First comes the pain and suffering.
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