It'll be WAY Easier to Shut You Up Now! What Happened to Your Internet Freedom in Just 2 HOURS!

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  • Caleb_Projects reply One problem with the way things were handled in Charlotte is now the people who are demonstrating cannot rely on protection from the police so they will be forced to arm themselves. I have no love for Nazis, but they went through the process of getting a permit for their demonstration. Antifa and BLM attacked them and their 1st amendment rights (as they have done elsewhere). They are the real criminals here. I don't know how the governor of Virginia gets off scot-free while Trump is taking all sorts of heat.
  • Soulofall reply Someone else said that the guy arrested had facebook page of Pepes and alt-right signals made just before the attack and then brought down after the attack. Can anyone confirm this? Was this guy truly from the right or did he become a right-wing guy just before the attack so a certain group can easily be accused? Can anyone search and tell us if that Facebook page thing was real and learn what the real affiliation of that person was?
  • FubuckYoubu reply Good job organized Lefty Powers that Be assholes that set up this ridiculous street play. There is now cover for the internet purge. It's been going on for awhile but accelerated quite a bit after this. We the people allowed these tech companies to grow unchecked and completely monopolize the internet. Google has taken over the internet and asserted their right to demonetize and censor anything that doesn't fit the SJW narrative. Free speech advocates lose. I have stopped using any google service and haven't used the awful intrusive FB in yrs. No matter how many people do the same we can't avoid the internet completely as it has become such a big part of most of our lives. When people are denied the opportunity to speak freely, they will act out their frustrations in ever more destructive ways. This has been coming for quite a long time but it's never felt more like the beginning of the end.
  • [ – ] whatthefunk reply CV wasn't an accident. But an on purpose to push the goal closer to shutting the internet and objectors down. If anything it was a anti free speech rally billed as free speech with a pre determined outcome. Which is obvious and becoming clearer after.
  • DarkQuark reply Great content. Sure seems like the left got the Nazi boogyman they have been praying for.
  • AncientBlast reply Great video!
  • SlickDriver reply I agree with your general estimation of our Mass Media lying to us. The lying is used, as You know as a propaganda tool, and it's a good one! I believe it was because of people like You allowed us to defeat the 'Evil Empire' and their Witch Hillary. Thank You very much. I am new here to VIDME, but it seems simple enough, if I find the follow button, I will. Thanks
  • jsmith99 reply Good job
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Hollllllyyyy 5h17!!!!!! 😐
  • SunJeevs reply So, f**k black lives mater, google, cnn, cnbc, godaddy, nazis, comis and well... Shit every body.
  • XhoXhuXhamen reply Bad times make for bad people. When we can't speak our minds we get angry. When we get angry we turn mean. And that's when we become bad people!
  • [ – ] ItsYourBoyCloods reply Good video
  • [ – ] Liberty_Surveillance reply Appears CNN is trying to promote more of these kind of events after posting a map of the location of confederate statues and memorials.
    • VybeyPantelonez parent reply I'm not surprised... trying to stir more chaos so they can "reprort" and profit. Also, the more escalation they cause the more our freedoms will be taken away. They're so wonderful
  • AmandaAnderson_1 reply Perhaps now but people will take to the streets with their voices. Much harder to shut up 350 million+ live humans.
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