They Are In Denial

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  • AItiger reply Gentlemen, this also a good book or PDF file to read, the "bible for women: control men". This a free PDF of the book: "The Manipulated Man". I recommend you read it, awesome! 😁😂😂😂😅😆 MGTOW 🍻
  • AItiger reply The funny thing they complain how its immoral for guy to create technology to create baby without women, but they can get an abbortion without men or fuck another man before the wedding night ROFLMAO, AN PEOPLE are stupid to belive its still worth marrying in the day in age with laws stack against men. Morons/imbeciles/baffons brainwash by the system!
  • AItiger reply This another reason why men should go MGTOWN, ITS NOT WORTH IT. Marriage is a Joke an so are MEN the way they treat or value us as disposable utilities. No mortality
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