My NES RetroPie "Pretendo" Build

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  • [ – ] xdreamwalker reply This looks awesome. I have an old NES in the house and think this is where I'd like to install my RetroPie. Do you have any details on how you wired up the original Power and Reset buttons with the Pi and the Mausberry? Though, I think I might use a PowerBlock instead of the Mausberry.
  • dcboycm reply This is really neat. Just did a quick quote on parts with a Raspberry Pi 3 and it came to about $107.33. Not too shabby for a console that can play anything.
  • PersianImm0rtal reply You fucking mutilated a NES. Now only any NES, but your damn CHILDHOOD NES. How dare you. :[ Next time just buy a fucking Everdrive N8 and call it a day. Sheesh.
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