Shed Time - What can Vidme do for You???

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  • DavidTheGamer reply I have been making videos for 5 months now. Nice to see other who has done it just as long.
  • DookisWatching reply Im excited for Vidme, what thing that definitely gives me hope and motivation is that they are focused on the creators. They see potential in all of us. All I ask, is that once monetization rolls out, and I'm serious when I say I hope it isn't anytime soon, they make it fair, and control/punish those that try to exploit the system. Other than that, I love it here.
  • DavidTheGamer reply Just keep doing what they are doing I know they are gonna add end cards , playlist ect ect so pretty much they just need to clearn things up get it nice and neat and keep doing things that improve and even get their own idea but ask people first about it and what the creaters think about it unlike youtube. The key is talking. Also my goal here is to become a big vidmer who can help get more people here and help make this site even better. I'm try my best to get my videos out there and become the best lets play vidmer I can be. I would love to help vidme when I can grow big. So I think they need it keep it a even play field. Have ways to see and find the smaller vidmers and also have a way to keep the big guys also in there own tab. So pretty much have a place for small guys to grow and be found and same goes for the big guys but don't have 1 place only for the big guys it hides way to much talent
  • RubenLeija reply That is fantastic to hear that @vidme is looking out for the small guys :)
  • MariaTheGerman reply I mean it already certainly makes the difference that vidme reaches out to its creators! I've seen a few comments around monitisation, for me personally it's not something I worry about or have thought about as it's never been something I had to think about. Like many others have said keeping it fair/even play ground for all will be key, and to continue to keep pushing that amazing content that you can find on here no matter how small someone is.
  • TheSaltyOwl reply I just started using Vidme and honestly anything is better than youtube and how it screws over small channels/good content creators and only supports the cideos that gets the most views
  • NintenZone reply I really like VidMe but I want to see the festured page redone. When I first joined it was promoting great content and now almost every video is "Hello VidMe!" I think just pick a couple good ones to put there and promote other content.
  • Rezelway reply Nice to hear that they're reaching out and asking questions
  • EliteBrayden reply Keep up good work 👌👍
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