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  • [ – ] ScammerRevolts reply If someone is more popular and goes to vidme it does one thing and that one thing is to grow vidme, sure you want this platform to be "your" vidme family one but without outside sources coming in and bringing people to the site it won't benefit anyone and if u want people to tip you "one min out of the video explaining this" then you want the platform to grow if you can't stand out and grow on your own then idk what to tell you. p.s: This is constructive criticism don't take is as hate.
    • mynx-v-marie parent reply Agreed, it's needed to grow the platform and attract new revenue for creators.
    • DanielWingy parent reply Hi. Pointing out i took a minute out of the video to explain tipping wasn't really necessary imo. It's quite obvious that's what I did, did that annoy you me doing that? I will be doing it again i'm sure, so if you return get used to that. A lot of my viewers are people from my youtube channel who would have no idea how it works over here, that was for them really. In all honestly i didn't take the video as seriously as you seem to have, I just wanted to stir up a bit of discussion and gaming news was slow. I'd like to see everyone succeed on here, just hope the little guys get some breathing space on the featured or main page too, not just big youtubers recycling old videos. Hopefully that happens with time. Thanks for watching.
  • The_Average_Kid reply I know having bigger YouTubers coming over here might seem like they're stealing the spotlight, but this is the only way to grow the site. We need these bigger YouTubers bringing people over to this community in order for it to grow into a site we can all enjoy.
  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply Interesting video, its true that a surprising amount of Big YouTubers are treating Vidme as another place to conquer instead of a good community. There are some good ones though that are actually trying to help smaller channels which is definitely not something you'd see on YouTube.
  • [ – ] Directionally_Challenged reply pretty sure you'll succeed as the black dude with the greatest tits on the internet and if not... i'll help you. also, you are very british... I love it.
  • [ – ] SirNigelCogs reply Even though I have video content on another platform, that's what I'm doing... what I'm posting on Vidme is original exclusive content just for this platform. For your next video, you should find a way to naturally work the phrase, "Like a happy vacuum cleaner at Tesco," into the video. Just for the fun of it.
  • [ – ] StrikeRaidUnion reply i agree man i am making original content regularly and every time i go on vidme its always big youtubers on the hot page
    • DanielWingy parent reply Nice to see someone gets my point! I'd just like to see us little guys get a shot there who are taking the time to do original content!
  • Apepresident reply Honestly if most of the big youtubers coming over to vidme behave like Askagangsta and actually try to support this community rather than simply dumping their videos over here then having them migrate over to vidme is actually pretty damn good. And hell, even if most of them do very little for the current community, they're still getting people to actually visit vidme which in itself is a big deal. Vidme already has the support of small channels due to it actually givving people a chance to grow here (I'm looking at you "New" tab which should've been implented on youtube since pretty much always) so getting bigger personalities over here isn't something that's going to hurt most smaller channels here.
  • [ – ] Ms_K reply yay u got verified, yay!!!!
  • Suprememe reply Very Black and British.
  • [ – ] magma2742 reply Ah so this is where youve been hiding. Waiting for you to show up on YouTube i need my wingy fix. All the best - disillusioned (aka lord former)
  • [ – ] Shibe_Kun reply But... But it's an open platform... that means anyone can join... Aside from the fact that theres no fairness in saying one person can join, but other people can't simply because they have more followers? That seems a bit pretentious. And what happens when YOU get big? Are you allowed to stay? If so that's just unfair.
    • [ – ] DanielWingy parent reply clearly didn't watch the video. Nice try though, so if you listened, you would have heard that 1) My issue was big youtubers RECYCLING OLD CONTENT not big youtubers in general on here (which i specify IN the video) 2) I said anyone can join in all fairness. So...but hey Thanks for the confidence in me! "WHEN" I get big, THANK YOU!
  • [ – ] OrangeJuiceJones-Games reply Love that I don't give a shit attitude you have man! Hopefully the Youtubers that just dump everything from their channel to here won't last long and go elsewhere. I do agree with getting more views on here than YT. I've had videos get a few views on YT with no comments but on here triple that along with some comments.
  • [ – ] SpeakingOfGames reply I've noticed this quite often alot of big youtubers are just mass dumping videos and nothing more here, It seems, to me anyway, that they are just taking advantage of the platform while holding out for youtube to fix its shit so they can go back. I don't agree with that I think if you want to come to a new platform give it you're all if you have lost faith in youtube make the jump otherwise it won't be much of a help growing the community at all. Now there are a few creators that are making the move iv'e seen them even posting on a few days before they put it up on YT. That's the kind of stuff we need more of!
    • [ – ] Chaos_Havik parent reply Well True I see where your coming from but remember some of these "mass dumpers" Might be thinking of actually making the move. True right now their hoping YouTube fixes it's self but let's say it dosn't and somoen big dose jump ove. What do you want them to do with their massive library of vids, their life's work? Like it or not their going to have to post up their old videos, atleast some of their more popular ones to try and show off to the new audiance what it is their offering
      • SpeakingOfGames parent reply Im not at all saying they should not dump videos, i mean dump away, but when you have them coming over and not even trying to interact with the community they just dump up to 20 videos at a time and you do not see or hear from them until the next dump that's when i see a problem, it takes nothing to check out the community and see what you're in for a good chunk of these guys are just enabling subscribe and mass dumping
    • DanielWingy parent reply This guy gets it! I 100% agree, yes! Just at least do fresh stuff over here! Thanks for the comment!
  • [ – ] Howesenberg reply *forgot to say* really liked this video too, the bit with Cortana helping you search for boobs really cracked me up (got my follow)
  • [ – ] Howesenberg reply I'm a small YouTuber considering uploading my older content to, the one thing that's stopping me and I feel SHOULD stop others is that the quality of older videos naturally wont be on par with the standard of your latest. So the only real benefit is just having another video to draw in an audience. What are peoples thoughts on this?
    • [ – ] DanielWingy parent reply I feel if you are a smaller youtuber it's not so much of an issue, im talking about those who are nstantly recognisable, or massively popular on youtube. As soon as they dump an old video it's going to usually get to the front, or the hot or featured section, for us smaller guys it's unfair!
      • Howesenberg parent reply It's a good point, hopefully doesn't end up like YouTube in that sense. Perhaps they can push features like Random Creator and play with that idea a little, Welcome New Creator or something like that.
  • [ – ] Orrelion reply Haha dude, "Let me cross me legs, OH, watch me hip". Hahaha xD "boobs!" Roflmao Uploading 99999 videos from youtube to VidMe is! Good stuff man, keep it up, had me laughing through the entire video!
  • TheDebraSanchez reply I can't take down my pantaloons if I already took them off.
  • [ – ] SHONUFF79 reply Excellent video sir and very well spoken. Asshats just see another platform they need to conquer is why they are coming over with us smaller guys. All about money and popularity to them. Question is will Vidme viewers fall for their crap and blindy shower them with praise and money they don't need vs US smaller guys trying to make our way in this digital world and we actually engage and appreciate them. Again Great video, needed to be said.
  • [ – ] cismaletriggered reply I feel like I've seen you on YouTube but imma just watch him on Vidme instead it's kinda better than the shit that's on YouTube like the fucking spinner trend going on
  • [ – ] OleCrankyGamer reply Hold on? You're black?
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