Sweden Officially Surrenders

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  • [ – ] Bonanny reply A muzzie government is just around the corner. That will officially put Sweden under Sharia law. Buh bye, Sweden. Canada is next.
    • Philip58 parent reply Bonanny, bit late maybe but I can't be everywhere. No chance whatsoever of Sharia law in Sweden due to reality. Have you ever been to Sweden? Do you speak Swedish so you can find out for yourself what's actually going on or do you just repeat drivel from the internet?
  • blindfire reply So can a norse pagan go around slaughtering Muslims to take their stuff in Sweden because it is culturally and religiously right according to his own beliefs? Because that's what I'm seeing if the courts are going to be consistent. I know that argument is terribly wrong, but so is what migrants are doing and the Swedish government is doing nothing to stop it.
  • harej11 reply Have you gone there to see if what you are saying is true? If not go fucking look for your self.
  • c_arnold03 reply If this doesn't send a rage inducing cringe down a productive Swedes spine, then their psychology is one that is beyond my comprehension.
  • stacklinstudio reply I don't know if he meant to do that... But the Finnish joke was top notch.
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