Why So Many Star Wars Games Suck

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  • [ – ] DuesX187 reply My favorite Star Wars game was 2005's Battlefront 2. Also Rebel Assault 2 was a fairly good experience, and some others were okay like Shadows of the Empire and the early 2000 Jedi Knight games for their cool lightsaber mechanics. Force Unleashed was a slapped together cash grab to demonstrate the Euphoria physics engine, which was a neat technical experience at the time admittedly.
  • [ – ] DailyDorks reply KOTOR 1 and 2 are some of the best games ever made. Who wants KOTOR 3!?
  • [ – ] Wulfe reply But.....I love the Star Wars games....😞
  • Neon_One reply my favorite game is STAR WARS ,thanks for sharing agreat vid (:
  • [ – ] AvoMinecraft reply great vid this one - thanks for sharing I agree totally
  • AftermathGaming reply Oh and Republic Commando is a great game.
  • [ – ] AftermathGaming reply Most star wars games are great actually. TFU KOTOR 1 and 2 TOR Battlefront 1 and 2 The entire Jedi Knight series LEGO Star Wars Disney Infinity 3.0 Starfighter TIE Fighter/X-Wing The Super Star Wars Games EAW and Forces of Corruption The Revenge of the Sith movie game So so many great games. In fact more good than bad.
    • AftermathGaming parent reply The most recent games that I can find are TOR: Knights of the Eternal Empire, LEGO Force Awakens, and Disney Infinity 3.0 all very well executed games.
    • [ – ] IAmPattyJack parent reply Those games are all great, the issue is the stuff that has been released in recent years. There are also many more absolute cash grabs and shoddy products that have been released over the years that you may never have heard of, because they are terrible.
      • AftermathGaming parent reply There can't be that many of them. Considering the most recent games have been pretty good. Battlefront is a great game that lacks the substance we thought we were going to get and instead trades it for top notch graphics and an ever developing array of playstyles, LEGO Force Awakens is an amazing game as well.
  • Seawolf25 reply I Wish we got 1313 and darn it EA!! EA = Evil
  • Aeolian reply Want to make a new Star Wars adventure? How about an IMAX Rogue Squadron movie? I'd love to see that happen, but the corporate monsters will never take that risk.
  • MoonLight_Lotus reply With games like star wars I would rather play my own story. It's why I liked kotor 1 and 2 my character my way.
  • MoonLight_Lotus reply That random kid had my lmao
  • WebNoob reply They did a parody of YMCA in that Kinect thing, it was called ''Empire Today'' and it's the greatest thing ever.
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