Seeing someone being kissed constitutes sexual assault now. thanks Ms Storelli

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  • [ – ] ShadowerCreations reply When I watched that for the first jaw dropped. She directed most of that towards the woman, that's that jealousy. I used to work in customer service and I encountered a lot of people like that..that's why I had to get out lol. Good vid Modwain!
    • Modwain parent reply yeah, the entitled behaviour, i had to deal with that too when i worked in reclamation.. funny enough, i have been working in psychological healthcare for the last, 20 years, and i see this behaviour way less since
  • [ – ] d0x360 reply That lady was absolutely insane. The dude kissed the girl on her forehead...Twice. I promise you if that insano had someone who loved her she would be perfectly​ happy doing the same as this couple. One problem thats getting much much worse these days is women assaulting men in public and nobody will ever step in and say "hey knock it off" and if the guy shoves her away to protect himself he's vilified....But women have no advantage over men...Nope none at all.
  • [ – ] opaxel1967 reply is this for real ??????
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