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  • canadiangirl2 reply Unbelievable that anyone would think that it's okay to treat our fellow earthlings this way... for a stupid coat or trim! How incredibly selfish and heartless are we? How would you like for another species to do this to you and your family? It's insanity. One day this will end and future generations will look back on our actions with absolute horror. Thanks for being there and documenting. Sexism = the false belief that one sex is superior to another Racism = the false belief that one race is superior to others Speciesism = the false belief that one species is superior to others
  • Sadam3 reply This is just as good a place as African Lion Safari, and I'm sure the Lion would love to see you trespass in the middle of the night!!!!!!!..........Oh and for the record, how do you know there is no security cameras in place?
  • Joe1234 reply Heavens no... How dare they provide food and indoor plumbing. That's terrible, just terrible. Also, maybe I missed it in the beginning but I didn't seem to notice a welcome sign... or perhaps it's not illegal to trespass onto private property in Ontario.
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