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  • Spanglishhorse reply Oh no, vidme must never launch contentID program. Don't ruin vidme.
  • [ – ] Aaronshy reply I am worried about Copyright issues.
    • [ – ] WeirdestNews parent reply For you?
      • [ – ] Aaronshy parent reply Yeah and anyone else that got over to Vidme hoping to avoid issues. I don't want to go back to turning the music off my games to avoid a possible claim. You have no idea how often I get hit with claims on YouTube just for something mediocre that shouldn't count.
        • [ – ] BillMiller parent reply That's why as a music channel I'm trying to offer folks music to use in their videos here on
        • [ – ] AxxL_Afriku parent reply Like what?
          • Aaronshy parent reply On YouTube I got Copyright Strikes just for WWE entrances in WWE games.....the one thing I love about WWE. And a copyright strike for a not even very famous rap song in Saints Row. I made the switch to Vidme cause chances of being targeted were I greatly hope that won't start happening again.
  • [ – ] WeirdestNews reply Let's do this together!!
  • [ – ] JennyFedora reply I've dealt with copyright issues before, both ways. I've gotten YouTube channels shutdown for stealing Vidme exclusive content. The hard part with Vidme is the do not have a "Content ID" system like YouTube. They have to specifically use DMCA filings. It almost makes the YouTube "Content ID" system look eloquent.
    • [ – ] AxxL_Afriku parent reply Why would you steal Vidme content and upload it on YT?
      • VGJustice parent reply The ad revenue. The people that reupload like that are just trolling for as wide a market as possible. I'm sure a lot of their content is embed stuff on a different website, so they wouldn't even care about YouTube's ads.
  • [ – ] MontroDeMaraco reply nice trick with the spinner
  • Mic_Duggan reply The problem is that right now, the vidme community is small enough that the original creator of that video can get heard, but as a platform grows towards the size of something like YouTube, those voices can get drowned out and lost.
  • MarzieMalfoy reply You got mad spinner skills!!! Yeah!!! I love that we all worked together and supported the fidget spinner dog and it's human :)
  • RadRadioNews reply OOooppsss!!! It seems likeyou got some competition on making the news :)
  • Tatsunero reply Yeah, see, i was thinking the same thing.. I'd hate for the site to be essentially ruined by not being able to balance the needs of creators and advertisers alike.
  • GamingRoom reply copyright is for those with hungry asses
  • The_Cyborg reply copy write is a tricky thing. i had audio from a No copywriter channel "claim" my video for it" and it took me 3 months of dispute and emails to YOUTUBE to get it sorted. not only is there the threat of others stealing your videos and sensitive content saying its someone else but theirs the biggest of all "FALSE COPY WRITE CLAIM"
  • Albert_Fuller reply So I've been on the site for about a week and I've seen some interesting characters so far but you my friend are the most entertaining so thank you for that👍😎
  • [ – ] AxxL_Afriku reply Was the person given a chance that it was his YouTube video and he did not steal it? He probably stole it, but he has to be given a chance to prove his innocence!
  • [ – ] Westley_Nash reply I can certainly see Copyright being an issue if not managed. The issue you raised about the viral video makes me think on YouTube where you have that seemingly endless supply of "Vines Compilation" channels that just rip off the OP & then re-upload them to their own channel. Here on VidMe I've witnessed people uploading full music tracks from current & world Famous artists. We all know the big issue that causes YouTube on copyright claims so do we really want that same kind of flak being cast over here? But thankfully this issue has since been dealt with. But I also see a situation where people are ripping & then uploading other creators videos on their own separate channel, right here on VidMe! I agree, we need to be active on our monitoring, like a "neighbourhood watch" if you will to try & help YT style issues becoming VM style issues.
    • [ – ] GaryTurbo parent reply Usually, they run ads to allow non CC and non royalty free songs on YouTube videos
      • Westley_Nash parent reply True, but VidMe doesn't have ads so the chances are that if "the biz" catches wind if this, the platform will have lawyers crawling all over it looking for their cut. It's one thing to use a bit of a track or something as backing in a video, but something totally different to upload a music video of the artist. VidMe offers freedom to the creators (within reason) but that could change if copyrights start getting infringed.
  • whako reply If ad rev comes pretty soon people would have to watch which company's they use, hope it doesn't restrict everyone's content to apply to the company's instead of there personal desire. Interesting video with good discussion, also that team member sound something for me!
  • TheVidmeUnicorn reply VIDME HAS NO PROBLEMS IT'S GREAT
  • [ – ] o_OFrosty_BrosO_o reply I'll let you know if I see anything going on man.
  • [ – ] Spanglishhorse reply Oh no, vidme must never launch contentID program. Don't ruin vidme.
  • Coastermaker reply That's why I was very concerned with the copyright issue in the terms of service.
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