Alien Covenant Sucks & Prometheus Is Better

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  • [ – ] talkingdrumma reply You really hit all the points that frustrated me with this movie. Was really hoping to learn more about the engineers and was severely disappointed.
    • DanielFrost parent reply Exactly, they took the one really interesting part of Prometheus and killed all of them off with nothing but a short flash back. These writers need their ass beat.
  • PirateMonkE reply (Supposedly) Smart characters doing dumb things just to enhance the plot is lazy writing. None of these characters were interesting or sympathetic. I felt no attachment to any of them. I agree with most of what you said... only thing I disagree with is that Prometheus was better... both equally sucked in my opinion.
  • DouglasESL reply Not the best Aliens movie for sure....
  • Torok0420 reply That Chick left The Other Girl In That Room With The Alien , I Agree >> That Movie Sucked Ass ... lol
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